Orange Stripes

The music record label Orange Stripes was founded by Ronny Wagler on 01/01/2011 and published its first release on 03/01/2011. The basic idea came while looking for a good label, they are quite hard to find these days, since almost no label was interested in the artist as a person, but only to make a fast buck . We decided to establish a new label that is based on its artists, that knows how newcomers feel within this scene.

Meanwhile, some publications are already avaible in the online shops and new talents do not go out. We are searching for new talented artists every day to help them on their way through the music world. Because of our reasoned concept and an intensive promotion, our artists become known very fast. This might also attract the attention of big labels on them.

Orange Stripes preferred to the genres:
Electro, Progressive, Trance and Techno.


Orange Stripes News
Big Promotion Package
We have included a bitcoin faucet to get more users
and make our artists and remixers more famous.
Orange Stripes News
Coming soon: Remix Contest (UAO - Moving On)
We try to start a new Remix Contest at the beginning of april.
If our website is completely ready we include it for you.
Orange Stripes News
New Website
new Web Player, Remix Contest area, Coin-System Rewards,
Demo-Upload, Earning overview, Promopool and Chart-System.

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